TRANS SOUALIGA 2019: See you next March 30 for a nature race like no other! 


Firstth edition of the TRANS SOUALIGA, organized by DREAM OF TRAIL SXM is a nature race, more commonly called trail, which will take place on three off-road courses, 50K, 22K and 15k, on the French part of the island on Saturday, March 30 .

The Trans Soualiga which has already aroused a lot of interest is awaited by runners from Saint-Martin as well as those from all the islands of the Caribbean. Men and women of all ages will take part in this race, more than 100 of which will be awarded in the official categories of the French Athletics Federation. Hundreds of spectators will be present to encourage the participants as well as the media who will share these intense sporting moments. Representatives of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin will also be present to award the prizes to the winners.

The registrations that are made ONLY online at

Your first name on your bib for registration before March 25

Rate increase March 26, 2019

Registration closes on Thursday, March 28, 2019

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• LA TRANS SOUALIGA 50km 2200D +

Meeting place: Bellevue Departure: 04:00 am  Arrival: Friar's Bay

This test is run at free speed over 11 hours maximum. It is carried out individually and is aimed at trained, enduring runners who master the orientation in mountainous terrain or so-called tropical forest. It is not a hike, but a race and not a simple walk. Participation in this implies compliance with these regulations and certain experience with equal quality of difficulty. She is qualified as difficult. The start will be from Bellevue (place called '' Jardin Rasta '') at 4 am in the form of a circuit in the undergrowth, tracks and paths over a distance of about 50 km, while the finish will be done on the beach of Friar's Bay (North side or commonly called FBBC).


Meeting place: Bellevue Departure: 06:00 am Arrival: Friar's Bay

Departure will be from Bellevue (place called '' Jardin Rasta '') at 6 am in the form of a circuit in the undergrowth, tracks and paths over a distance of approximately 22km. The finish will be judged on the beach at Friar's Bay (same as TS). It follows exactly the 1st loop as that of the TS (50Km).

• LA CARETA 15km 500D +

Meeting place: Friar's Bay Departure: 07:00 am Arrival: Friar's Bay

The departure will be given at 07h from the beach of Friar's Bay (FBBC side) and the arrival will be made at this same place.


Friday March 29 from 15 p.m. to 19 p.m. at Friar's Bay Beach Café


Friday, March 29 from 18 p.m. at Friar's Bay Beach Café

The presence and attention of the runners is highly recommended as there will be no briefing on the day of the races.

CONTACTS: Cell: 0690 34 35 36 or 0690 41 17 07

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