AIR TRANSPORT / Resumption of Air Antilles: court decision scheduled for September 29


On Thursday, September 21, three of the six takeover offers from the company Air Antilles / Air Guyane (CAIRE company) were presented to the Pointe-à-Pitre commercial court during a closed-door hearing in council chambers. . The partial takeover proposal from the Collectivity of Saint-Martin and the EDEIS group appears in the final duo.

As a reminder, after having declared itself in a situation of cessation of payments, by judgment of the Pointe-à-Pitre Commercial Court dated August 2, 2023, the company Caire (Compagnie Aérien Inter Régionale Express) which operates Air Antilles and Air Guyana was placed in compulsory liquidation with continued activity until October 2, 2023. The submission of takeover offers was set for September 1, 2023. On September 5, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin and the EDEIS group announced that they had applied for a partial takeover of the airline. This proposal, filed with the commercial court before the deadline, concerns aircraft in the fleet and the safeguarding of around 120 jobs out of the 218 in the Antilles zone. The takeover offer relates exclusively to the activity of Air Antilles in order to perpetuate the activity thanks, in particular, to the know-how of the company CIPIM (parent company of the EDEIS group) in the aviation sector. During the exceptional Territorial Council of Wednesday September 20, 2023 which focused solely on the creation of a mixed economy company (SEM) in the aviation sector, the measure was adopted with 13 votes in favor. The SEM, called New Air Antilles and established for a period of 99 years, will allow the COM to equip itself with an economic intervention tool in the field and optimally manage the service of its territory. With a share capital of €2.000.000 (€1,2M COM / €800.000 CIPIM), the shares of New Air Antilles, whose head office will be in Saint-Martin and its management committee in Guadeloupe, are 60% owned. by the Community, which reserves the right to transfer 9% of its shares to other COMs wishing to invest, and 40% by the company CIPIM (EDEIS). Following the examination by the commercial court, the offer from COM/EDEIS, supported by the administrators, the liquidator, the CSE and the public prosecutor, was accepted, as well as the global takeover proposal. from the CAFOM group, even if the latter only received negative opinions. Guyane Fly's offer was rejected. The judgment was reserved until September 29, 2023. _VX


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