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Travel arrangements have changed following the resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic in some territories. The Overseas Ministry detailed, over the weekend, these new modes of travel between Overseas France, France and abroad.


From and to Saint-Martin (French part)

If you travel from Paris to Saint-Martin (via Pointe-à-Pitre) or you come from a foreign country classified as "green", whether you are vaccinated or not, you must present a PCR test (72h) or a antigenic test (48h) negative. Unvaccinated people must also undertake to isolate themselves for 7 days on arrival and retest at the end of their septaine.

If you arrive in Saint-Martin (Grand-Case) from a foreign country classified as "Orange" or "Red", the same rules apply but you also need a compelling reason if you are not vaccinated .

If you are leaving from Saint-Martin (Grand-Case) to France (via Pointe-à-Pitre) or a "green" foreign country, you do not need to present a negative test or justify a reason. urgent, whether or not you are vaccinated. Unvaccinated people must, on the other hand, commit to respecting seven days of isolation and to retesting at the end of this septaine.

If you are going to an “orange” or “green” country, you need a compelling reason as soon as you are not vaccinated and find out about the testing and isolation rules put in place by the destination country. 


From and to Sint Maarten (Dutch part)

The Collectivity has clarified the rules for travel to and from the airport on the Dutch side.

“If you are leaving from Princess Juliana Airport to Paris, the French authorities do not require a test from fully vaccinated travelers. On the Sint Maarten government website, it is specified that fully vaccinated travelers (+14 days after the second dose)) residing in Sint Maarten or Saint-Martin, do not have to present a covid test to board.

Travelers with a complete vaccination course nevertheless indicated that they were required to present a negative antigen test (48h) or a negative PCR test (72h) to board.

Unvaccinated French travelers must present a 48h antigen test or 72h PCR to embark from Juliana to Paris.

It is possible to do an antigen test at the airport (for a fee).

If you arrive at Juliana airport from Paris, it is necessary to present a negative PCR test (72h) on arrival in Sint Maarten even if you are vaccinated.

You must also submit, prior to your departure, a health certificate to the government of Sint Maarten (authorization within 12 hours) ", on the EHAS website."

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