Transport / Damaged roads: what the law says


The state of the roads of Saint-Martin is an inexhaustible subject of conversation. According to article L.2321-2-20 ° of the general code of local authorities, the municipalities, and in this case the community, must ensure the maintenance of the roads themselves and their dependencies. The municipalities are therefore responsible for the lack of maintenance of the tracks and the damaging consequences that it can cause.

As explained by Maître le Dall, doctor of law on the LCI site, maintenance faults involving the manager's liability can take many forms: potholes, oil puddles, non-compliant and dangerous installations (back of steep donkey), no signage before a danger ...

The motorist can turn against the manager in the event of an accident due to this lack of maintenance, or for the management of material damage (tires, rims, suspensions) on his vehicle.

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