WORK: The deconstruction of the old Sea Front building is in its final phase


It is a historic place which disappears and with it so many magical moments, card games, dominoes, meals with family or friends in traditional Lolos, parties also on the kiosk square, where the commune, then the Community and local associations have organized numerous public events.

“The demolition of this emblematic building on the Marigot seafront marks the end of an era, it is a page that is turning to make way for a new blank page that must be rewritten together,” underlines the COM before adding “We will have to recreate a tourist reception and party place around an innovative project, integrating our traditional restaurants, the food market and the craft market”.

Firstly, the place will be leveled, cleaned and secured.

Then, the time will come for the definition and construction of the new development project.

“The latter will respect our history, that of Marigot and its architectural heritage, the needs of traders who work on the seafront and the consultation phases at the end of which the Community will give life to a new developed space, ranging from the round- Pirate point in Galisbay, in line with the expectations of the territory and its inhabitants.”

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