Work on the RN7: The lifting of the site and the apologies of the president, Aline Hanson


President Aline HANSON regrets that the development of the roadway on the RN7, at the intersection of Colombier, has resumed without effective reflection on the fluidity of road traffic during peak hours in the high tourist season. 

The site was therefore lifted until an alternative solution less penalizing for road users was found. A working meeting was scheduled for this purpose yesterday with the community technicians and service providers. The community will inform the population of the follow-up to be given to this site. As the President reminds us, this work to secure the Colombier intersection is necessary, but it must meet specific requirements and have as little impact on traffic as possible during this period when road traffic is particularly heavy. The President apologizes on behalf of the community of Saint-Martin to the people who suffered the consequences of traffic jams, who were forced to disrupt their schedules, who missed an appointment or a trip, during the day of Tuesday February 7 and part of the day for Wednesday February 8, 2017.


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