Very high speed: a reality by 2020-2022 in Saint-Martin


The elected representatives of the Territorial Council adopted last Thursday the territorial master plan for digital development (SDTAN). The cost of this project is estimated at 14 million euros, and the Community should participate in the amount of 6 million euros.

The press was invited last Thursday to the Hôtel de la Collectivité by the vice-president of the COM Wendel Cocks, just before the start of the Territorial Council, for a presentation of the territorial master plan for digital development. Surrounded by the Director General of COM services Philippe Millon, the SGAR project manager Gilles Coester and the Tactis consultant Julien Garcia, Mr. Cocks explained the challenges of the SDTAN, which is part of the France Très Haut plan. Debit. “By defining this outline, the COM is fully playing its role by creating favorable conditions for development. (…) It is collectively for the telecoms operators, economic players, State and Community, to ensure the implementation of the conditions for the rapid development of digital technology on the island, said Wendel Cocks. The challenge now is to democratize access to digital technology for all homes and businesses in Saint-Martin. ” Concretely, Julien Garcia indicated that this plan is a digital development program which will “fix the infrastructures to be deployed by 2020” so that the entire population benefits from very high speed, that is to say “Internet access of at least 30 Mbit / s, in accordance with the France Très Haut Débit plan”. Three submarine cables serve the territory. “High speed and very high speed can only be achieved by optical fiber. Today, we are not in high speed through the copper network of the operator Orange. All of us here are aware that the speed is less than 3 Mbit / s ”, mentioned Gilles Coester. The Local Authority must now submit a request in metropolitan France for support under the France Très Haut Débit plan.


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