COURT: Day fines handed down for traffic offenses and death threats


Among the cases judged yesterday at the Saint-Martin local court, a man and a woman appeared respectively for driving without a license while under the influence of alcohol and death threats.

Several traffic offenses under the influence of an alcoholic state or under the influence of narcotics with the option of a driving ban (no license) were judged yesterday at the Saint-Martin court. Among these, an alcoholic and unlicensed motorist who was arrested on April 13, 2023 by the gendarmes on rue de Hollande. It was by taking a prohibited direction that the 59-year-old driver was caught by the patrol. A repeat offender, the court followed the requisitions of the public prosecutor and sentenced him to a 90-day fine of 8 euros, as well as the confiscation of his vehicle.

" I'm going to kill you "

“I’ll take care of you on the road.” I’m going to beat you up, I’m going to kill you.” The numerous threats made by the defendant still resonate in the courtroom, delivered by the confident voice of the president of the court, Françoise Mariaux.

The facts alleged against JAL, 43 years old and a native of Dominica, are simple: in less than 24 hours, she sent around forty threatening messages and death threats against her ex-partner. “I recognize the facts,” she said to the president, before adding “he told me that he was going to correct my daughter. I saw red! ".

Already convicted twice for acts of violence and driving without a license under the influence of drugs, the woman is considered an impulsive and aggressive person.

After deliberating, the court found JAL guilty of the acts with which he is accused. She was sentenced to a 90-day fine of 4 euros and will have to pay 2500 euros to her ex-spouse in compensation for moral damage, without forgetting a ban on receiving her husband's survivor's pension. _AF

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