COURT: He concealed a weapon and ammunition in a… pink sock: the defendant receives a six-month suspended prison sentence


An individual appeared yesterday before the Saint-Martin local court for unauthorized possession of weapons and ammunition without legitimate reason (category B).

The facts date back to Sunday, November 19, 2023. That day, an urban rodeo took place in Quartier d'Orléans in the presence of many young people from the neighborhood and elsewhere. Alerted, the gendarmes immediately went to the site to put an end to this practice, which is formally prohibited by law and is, moreover, dangerous for all road users. The soldiers then carry out checks, in particular for not wearing a protective helmet. Among all the scooter riders present is D.M., born June 13, 1993 in Abymes (Guadeloupe). The latter obviously having things to reproach himself for or to hide, tries to keep the police away by all means, without success. Arrested, the offender kept a low profile in front of the police who continued their investigations to finally discover a firearm with a magazine of 7 9mm caliber ammunition hidden in a pink sock! Upon leaving police custody on November 19, the individual was placed under judicial control with a ban on leaving the territory and traveling to the Dutch part (D.M. also had to go once a week to the gendarmerie for a score, editor’s note).

700 dollars gun and ammunition included…

Questioned on the stand by the president of the court, D.M. explains that he bought this weapon and the ammunition after having been the victim of several robberies in the past. “I felt threatened,” he emphasizes. “I have already suffered two robberies, including a necklace snatching. I only bought this weapon to defend myself in the event of an attack,” he adds before continuing “Everyone has a firearm in Quartier d’Orléans. It's not difficult to get one! D.M. then explains to the magistrate that he purchased the weapon in question and the 700 ammunition  dollars in Dutch part, in Cole Bay through a chat. “The use of weapons in Saint-Martin is extremely common”, recalls the public prosecutor before adding “by purchasing this weapon illegally, you contribute to this crime present in the territory”.

The public prosecutor is demanding a six-month suspended prison sentence for D.M. and a ban on possessing a weapon for a period of five years.

After deliberating, the court largely followed the public prosecutor's requisitions and sentenced D.M. to six months in prison, confiscation of the weapon and ammunition and a ban on carrying a weapon. a year. _AF

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