COURT: Six months in prison including three closed for domestic violence


A man and a woman appeared Wednesday morning before the local court of Saint-Martin, him for violence and she as a victim. EB and NP are separated but live under the same roof with their 11 year old child. As soon as she goes out and comes home late, the couple quarrel, sometimes violently. This is what happened on the night of May 22.

She says her ex-boyfriend hit her in the back of the neck, that he tried to hit her with a baseball bat. She details other violence committed in March of this year and in 2017.

At the bar, EB explains that he does not appreciate that his ex goes out late at night because "when she comes home it wakes the sleeping child". On May 22, when she pushes the door of the house at around 1:30 am, he tries to prevent her “by blocking it with the door”. She still manages to enter. She goes upstairs, he follows her. He claims that she takes a machete and suddenly to defend himself, he grabs a stick. She says she took the machete to protect herself from him.

The defense keeps repeating that it acts for "the good of the child", that NP "by living at home, must respect the environment of the child, must respect his sleep". Regarding the violence, EB denies it. He only admits having pushed his ex one day and blocked her in the door, but "did not know that pushing was violence".

After deliberating, the court acquitted EB of two acts of violence due to a lack of evidence but sentenced him for the others to six months in prison, three of which were accompanied by a probationary suspension of two years. including the obligation of care, to complete a course to raise awareness of violence. The court received the civil party constitution and referred the case on civil interest. (

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