COURT: Three months in prison for threatening to kill a La Poste agent


J.H., already well known to the justice system, was tried yesterday morning at the Saint-Martin local court for having made death threats against an agent of La Poste de Marigot.

The facts date back to September 24, 2022. That day, J.H., born August 30, 1986 in Saint-Martin, went to the ATM to withdraw the sum of 300 euros. After a first and then a second attempt, J.H. realizes that his request remains in vain. And for good reason, his bank account has a debit balance. Information which will be confirmed to him by a La Poste agent when he arrives at the counter. J.H. doesn't see it that way and says that money is available in his account. No, the person in charge of monitoring his bank account calmly retorts. J.H. sees red and then proliferates death threats against A.G. “I have known you for many years. I know where you and your family live. I will kill you all ! »


Several stays in prison already completed…

Faced with the dangerousness of the individual, the gendarmerie intervened to control the person visibly in a daze (J.H. has already spent a stay in a specialized unit for psychological disorders, editor's note) before placing him in police custody.

J.H. denied the facts during his hearing and insisted that it was La Poste which made a mistake by refusing to give him money. However, it turns out that J.H. is not his first attempt. The defendant, who did not appear at the bar yesterday morning, already has a criminal record as long as his arm with several stays in prison, notably for acts of aggravated violence.

After deliberating, the court found J.H. guilty for all of the charges with which he was charged. He was sentenced to three months' imprisonment and paid the sum of 1000 euros for the moral damage suffered by A.G. and the sum of 1040 euros for the procedural costs she incurred in her defense ( article 475-1, editor’s note). _AF

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