COURT: An individual sentenced to six months suspended prison sentence for having threatened to kill a CAF employee


A 54-year-old man was sentenced yesterday by the Saint-Martin local court to six months in prison for having uttered death threats against an agent of the family allowance fund (CAF) .

“Why were my rights suspended? I'll come back with a machete. I'm going to blow your head off. I’m going to burn the CAF,” he said in front of several agents of the CAF of Saint-Martin and in particular against ES, a reception agent for sixteen years. These serious facts date back to January 3, 2023. That day, AR born August 29, 1969 in Saint-Georges (Saint-Christophe-and-Nevis) who now resides on the Dutch side presented himself to CAF very angry . For several months, this apartment owner has seen his rights suspended by the CAF, his tenant no longer paying the rent. The tone quickly rose and the latter threatened a CAF employee, used to helping people and not being threatened with death!

Several work colleagues managed as best they could to get the threatening individual to leave the premises. Faced with the seriousness of the facts, AR was interviewed by a judicial police officer. He denied the charges against him and refused to sign his report.


A victim still traumatized…

Summoned to court yesterday, AR did not appear in court. The court nevertheless decided to try the case. The victim present has become a civil party. ES explained to the president of the court, Françoise Mariaux, that he had been scared of his life and had been undergoing psychotherapy since this famous 3  January 2023. For his part, the public prosecutor, Yann Burnichon regretted the absence of the defendant. He handed him a six-month suspended prison sentence and ordered him to pay damages to his victim. After deliberation, the court convicted AR for the acts with which he is accused. He received a six-month suspended prison sentence. He will also have to compensate ES to the amount of 480 euros for material damage, 1000 euros for moral damage and 1000 euros under article 475-1 of the code of criminal procedure. _AF


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