COURT: An individual sentenced to 24 months in prison, 12 of which were suspended on probation for domestic violence


A 35-year-old man appeared last Thursday at the Saint-Martin local court for acts of violence against his ex-partner present in the room and still marked by the traumatic scene she experienced in the middle of the night .

Already convicted several times for aggravated theft, violence, use of narcotics and other criminal acts, MR born December 11, 1988 in the Dominican Republic and resident in Saint-Martin appeared last Thursday not at the bar of the Saint-Martin court but in videoconference from Baie-Mahault prison in Guadeloupe. Indeed, the accused has been incarcerated since November 19, the day after the acts of violence committed at the victim's home, DRM

It's 4 a.m. MR appears in front of his girlfriend's home in Hameau du Pont and knocks loudly on the front door. Awakened by the noise, the latter does not initially wish to open the door but ends up giving in to MR's request. He finally enters the home to supposedly collect the spare keys to his vehicle. The tone then rises between the two people after MR seizes DRM's phone out of jealousy. In the process, he violently slaps his girlfriend twice. Frightened and feeling in danger, DRM leaves her home to go to the gendarmerie. The fact remains that his attacker, who has obviously consumed alcohol, does not see it that way and blocks his way. He then forces the victim into his car in a virulent manner to the point that DRM breaks two teeth after hitting the top of the door.

Back at his home, DRM called the gendarmerie who quickly arrived on site, around 5:30 a.m. The police noted that the victim had facial injuries (2 3 cm wounds on the upper lip, 2 broken teeth and a torn t-shirt, editor's note).


Placed under electronic surveillance…

The perpetrator is arrested and placed in police custody. Faced with the seriousness of the facts, he was tried immediately and placed in pre-trial detention. It is from Baie Mahault prison that MR explains by videoconference on Thursday the facts with which he is accused by the courts. Both camps pass the buck. MR admits to having slapped the victim twice without intending to hurt him. For his part, DRM says he still feels in danger since the famous night of November 18, 2023. Especially since MR already entered some time ago through the window of his home to once again steal his phone.

Finally, the public prosecutor requested 2 years in prison against the accused, 12 of which were suspended on probation with the possibility of modifying the sentence in the form of electronic surveillance, a ban on contact with DRM. as well as to pay him damages.

After deliberating, the court largely followed the requisitions of the Public Prosecutor and sentenced MR to 24  months in prison, 12 of which were suspended on probation. MR will, however, be able to serve his sentence under electronic monitoring. He was released on parole last Thursday. However, he must respect the conditions imposed on him by the judge of freedoms. Finally, MR will have to pay DRM 2000 euros for moral damage, 1500 euros for bodily injury and the sum of 1000 euros for the procedural costs she incurred in her defense (article 475-1, editor's note). _AF

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