Court: A motorist sentenced to 2 years in prison, including 18 months suspended for having hit a gendarme after refusing to comply


A 29-year-old motorist, of Colombian nationality and residing in Saint-Martin for 22 years, was tried last Friday in an immediate appearance at the local court of Saint-Martin for refusing to obey a summons to stop, directly exposing others at risk of death or permanent disability  and for violence against a member of the gendarmerie followed by incapacity not exceeding eight days (four days, editor's note) aggravated by a circumstance.

The facts date back to March 16, 2023. Around three o'clock in the morning, in the Savannah sector, a gendarmerie patrol saw a vehicle swerving on the road. The police decide to control the driver of a Hyundai but the latter flees. A chase then begins and the motorist loses control of his vehicle at Orient Bay. The engine of the vehicle is still running and when the soldiers arrive, the driver starts again and hits a policeman who finds himself thrown on the hood of the Hyundai. A second gendarme uses his service weapon twice in the direction of the vehicle to safeguard the physical integrity of his comrade. Injured in the hip and knee, the gendarme finally joins his two teammates and a second chase begins in the direction of Quartier d'Orléans.

After crossing the border, the mad dash of the motorist ends on the Dutch side after hitting a pole. Injured during the impact as well as the passenger, known unfavorably to the gendarmerie services, the two people were arrested by the Dutch police who had been warned beforehand by the gendarmes.

After being placed in police custody on the Dutch side, the driver was handed over to the French authorities. She regrets her unforgivable gesture and apologizes to the injured policeman who could very well have lost his life that day.

The public prosecutor requires three years in prison, including two years suspended, ten months of suspension of license and five years of prohibition of possession of a weapon against this mother of three children.

Finally, after deliberation, the court found KGM guilty of the charges against it. She was sentenced to two years in prison, of which eighteen months were suspended. She will be able to carry out her six months of detention at her home under electronic surveillance. His Dutch driving license was also suspended for a period of six months.

Finally, the convict will have to pay in respect of bodily and moral damage to the injured gendarme respectively 800 and 300 euros, 300 euros (moral damage) to each of the two other gendarmes present on the evening of the facts as well as 800 euros under article 475 -1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. _AF

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