Three Anguillians win at the casino and buy cannabis


Three Anguillians were checked by gendarmes in possession of cannabis in the car they had rented last July.

They are a musician, chef and fisherman and had come to spend the day in Saint-Martin to have fun. They went to the casino and won several hundred dollars. 56, 20 and 445 grams of cannabis were found on them. All three are prosecuted for possession, use, transportation and attempted resale of narcotic drugs.

At the bar, they claimed that the cannabis was intended for personal consumption. After deliberating, the court acquitted the musician and the chef of the attempted resale chefs but sentenced them to a three-month suspended prison sentence for use, detention and transportation. As for the fisherman, he was found guilty of all counts and received a four-month suspended prison sentence. All of the seals (cash and cannabis) were confiscated. (Photo of illustration. More details on


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