Third edition of “Lights on: Freedom Fighters”


This weekend, discover the third part of the project “Lights on: Freedom Fighters” with the life of Auguste-François Perrinon, the performances will take place on the waterfront of Marigot at the new information kiosk of the Tourist Office.

This Friday July 29, Saturday July 30 and Sunday July 31 at 19:30 p.m., the Tourist Office of Saint Martin (OT) presents the penultimate edition of its artistic concept “Light on: Freedom Fighters”. Launched by the OT and Stéphie Gumbs as part of the 174th commemoration of the abolition of slavery in Saint Martin, this cultural and totally free project tells the story of local emblematic characters, actors of the resistance in the time of the slavery, through theatrical performances, in Saint-Martin French and English, embellished with a sound and light experience whose visual art is signed by Nozin Prod. During the first edition last May, the life of One Tété Lohkay was told to the public. Last month, spectators were able to discover the atypical journey of George Daniel, a herbalist slave in Quartier d'Orléans who confessed to a series of poisonings, criminal acts committed in a process of resistance and the fight against slavery. This weekend, place to the story of Auguste-François Perrinon born in 1812 in Martinique of a former slave mother and a merchant father who sent him to Paris for his studies. After entering the École Polytechnique in 1832 and following the course there, Auguste-François Perrinon chose a military career by opting for the Marine Artillery where he obtained the rank of battalion commander. A great militant of the abolitionist cause, he decided to make a Saint-Martin property exploiting salt marshes a place of experimentation where Perrinon established a payment of wages to all workers without distinction, a coexistence of free employees and slaves and the prohibition of corporal punishment, favoring instead reprimands or gratifications. As a result, Auguste-François Perrinon scientifically proves that slavery is no longer economically profitable. He recorded his observations in a pamphlet published in 1844 under the title: Results of experiments on slave labor. Appointed by Victor Schoelcher to the commission for the abolition of slavery, Auguste-François Perrinon was sent to Martinique in 1848 with the title of general commissioner to enforce the abolition decree there. He was then elected deputy to the National Assembly. He went into exile in the West Indies following the coup d'etat of 1851 and was expelled from the army as a result of his refusal to take the oath to Napoleon III. Auguste-François Perrinon ended his life on his property in Saint-Martin where he died on January 2, 1861. Meet on July 29, 30 and 31 from 19 p.m. at the OT kiosk in Marigot to attend the original scene in the story of this singular man. _VX

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