Saturday at Mullet Bay was held the first edition of the “LE SAND” Trophy counting for the Club championship “Les Tamarins”.

32 players had registered for this 2nd re-entry competition and each one had in heart to "score well" on the course of Mullet Bay very difficult to play at the moment. After the traditional coffee / croissants and the pre-match warm-up, the first games started at 8 am from holes 1 and 10.

At the mid-course drink refueling we could already sense the performance in the air… On arrival, the suspense was intact for the prize-giving at the end of the day at the restaurant "Le Sand" in Nettle Bay, the sponsor of the competition.

The President of Tamarins Lionel Bouvret confirmed the performances of the day. In the 1st series, Pierre Garcia (13 years old) stood out once again by achieving the perfect score: 18 by (s), i.e. a score of 70 in strokeplay and 39 in net ahead of Pros Leobold (73) and Le Floch (74) . A performance when you see the state of the course. The other performances came from other series. In the 2nd series, Richard Berchoux exploded his index by returning a card of 77 or 47 in net. Louis Louchet, Sam Bashir and Stéphane Legendre also performed with 44, 39 and 37 (net) respectively. In 3rd series William Lepri and Enzo Marzi played 45 and 43 in net. In “ladies”, Manon Torlelier took 1st place in net with a score of 37. The awards ceremony was carried out by Gérald the sponsor and friendly owner of the restaurant “Le Sand”. A beautiful evening in this superb restaurant in Nettlé Bay under the sign of friendship and good humor with the presence at neighboring tables of friends from the Cariboule club who were celebrating the departure of friend Jean-Pierre Boussinet.  _AH


Next golf competitions: October 17 SMGA, October 25 Tamarins.

More information on golf: golftamarins@gmail.com

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