Financial turmoil at Air Caraïbes


Impacted by the restrictions linked to the management of the pandemic, the airline company Air Caraïbes is requesting financial support from the State.

Marc Rochet, the general manager of the company based at Pointe à Pitre-Guadeloupe Pôle Caraïbes airport was the guest of BFM TV on August 23, 2021.  Asked about the impact of the health crisis on the aviation sector and more specifically on the company  Air Caraibe, Marc Rochet argued that the health situation in the Antilles was going to have "obviously an effect on tourism, family travel", while the company nurtured the hope of a return to normal, in particular thanks to vaccination. Marc Rochet then expected "to have an average summer, average more".

The new health measures introduced in Martinique and then in Guadeloupe following the progression of the Delta variant are supported by the manager, but he asks the State "to assume the consequences of these decisions" and therefore to provide assistance. Air Caraïbes to withstand the impact. Note that the company has chartered one of its, converted into a "stretcher plane", to participate in medical evacuations to the metropolis after having brought voluntary nursing staff to the islands. Marc Rochet did not specify what form this aid could take, nor what amounts were envisaged.

For now, “we don't make money, but we don't lose a lot. This allows us to be ready when the traffic resumes, ”he explained. But if the situation were to last any longer "then we would be in danger" admitted the head of the company.  In addition, Marc Rochet confirmed the establishment of the health pass for the flight attendants of the two airlines (Air Caraibe and French Bee), stressing that in metropolitan France pilots, flight attendants and stewards are vaccinated. at 80% while the rate is only "20 to 25%" in the West Indies. "For those who do not have the health pass, we will take the measures of individual interviews and we can go as far as the suspension of the employment contract as provided for in the decree," said the manager. For whom the vaccine "is the only solution to get out of the crisis".

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