The first Saint-Martin driving licenses have finally arrived


The first order for 473 Saint-Martin driving licenses, a European license valid in mainland France without time restrictions, has been delivered, the Collectivité announced at a press conference. Good news that will appease the anger of some users who have been waiting for their title for a long time.

Guillaume Arnell, the vice-president responsible for the Sustainable Development Pole, Louis Fleming who assists Mr. Arnell on the management, organization and issuance of transport titles, and Jean Arnell, president of Computech, responsible for the design of permits until their issue, so the first Saint-Martin permits were shown to the press. The issuance of these permits has been delayed due to the many points to be observed relating to the European Charter. “We are subject to European transport regulations. We had to carry out a multi-layered license with security elements valid all over the world, in mainland France, overseas, without time restriction ”, specified Jean Arnell, recalling that it was also necessary to design an information management system for drivers, offense management, etc. It is the titles department which gives the orders for the production of permits. The next order will contain 297 permits. For the moment, there are 773 files pending, without photo and signature. "People in possession of provisional documents must bring a photo and go to the securities department to complete their file," said Jean Arnell. For the time being, the securities department does not deal with license holders in three parts.

All you need to know about the Saint-Martin driving license

• The validity of the permit in mainland France and internationally  
The Saint-Martin driving license is a European license obtained under the same conditions as the national driving license. It is valid in mainland France without restriction of duration. Your permit, whatever the category, issued in a Dom or a Com is valid in mainland France: if it is valid; and if it has not been obtained in exchange for a permit issued by a third country to the European Economic Area with which France has not concluded a reciprocity agreement; and if you have not been subject, in the territory which issued it, to a measure to suspend, restrict or cancel the right to drive.

Mandatory exchange 
You will have to exchange your driving license obtained overseas for a license issued in mainland France: if you commit, in mainland France, an offense involving suspension, cancellation of the license or withdrawal of points; or if you pass in metropolitan France a new category of permit; or if the validity of your license has expired.

The pricing structure 
0 € for the issuance of the driving license - primata
€ 100 for the issuance of duplicates
150 € for the conversion of driving license (including extension, medical examination and conversion to military certificate)
€ 200 for the exchange of driving licenses (proposal to amend an old deliberation, during the last Territorial Council)

For more information on the permit, please contact the securities department.


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