A Covid circuit for the reception of patients in the hospital


In emergencies, the patient care circuit was validated last week and takes into account the new issues.

"Compared to the first wave, the symptoms are now more varied, there is not necessarily only the fever", explains the director of the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital, Marie-Antoinette Lampis-Pattus, "the Sorting of covid-patients or covid-suspects is therefore more complex. We are still learning about this virus ”. The internal organization has therefore been redesigned to allow circulation within emergencies. A reception and guidance nurse will now be present when patients arrive to better guide and orient them. “The question of covid arises systematically when entering the emergency room. The sorting will therefore be finer ", explains the director of the hospital," but we do not abandon the patients who are not Covid in the care ". Overall, the management team of the hospital wants to reassure the population about its capacity. "The hospital fulfills its mission perfectly", assures the hospital establishment. Hospital management also indicates that the establishment is fully equipped to deal with the second wave of Covid cases. "Whether in terms of personnel, material resources or drugs, the organization of the hospital is in place," explains the president of the establishment's medical committee, "as regards personnel, the second wave arrived earlier than expected and some of the officers were on leave. We will have reinforcement on this point with the arrival of reservists, anesthetists and nurses ”.


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