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The current context imposes isolation on us, but it is a concept that sea turtles have practiced for over 100 million years! 

The sea turtle spends much of its time migrating in the oceans alone, traveling thousands of kilometers in its life, in search of food. Although it rubs shoulders with many species, at sea and on land (fish, jellyfish, cetaceans, humans, dogs and sometimes even jaguars), it undertakes and accomplishes its journey without its fellows.

Except when the time comes to ensure his descendants! The sea turtle will then temporarily socialize for the act of reproduction. Although it generally seeks to privilege this interaction with only one being, it can however take on a very sociable character when the coupling brings together, unexpectedly, a large number of individuals at the same time! She will then hoist herself briefly on the beach (between 30 min and 2 hours depending on the species) to lay her eggs in the sand, which she will carefully bury and which she will abandon to their spells!

When they are born, after a frantic race to reach the water, the newborns left to their own devices will in turn begin a great journey to feed themselves, until the luckiest among them reach sexual maturity. and break again with the codes of social distancing, to perpetuate the species!

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