One month suspended prison sentence for planting the Haitian flag on the roof of the prefecture


On the night of March 24 to 25, Mr. N, 46, went to the prefecture. He grabs a few chairs and throws them into the parking lot, picks up the speaker, and tears off the timetable board. He then goes up to remove the French flag that he will throw in the trash, and replaces it with the Haitian flag.

“I went around the bars. I was drunk and I suffered morally. I resented the prefecture responsible for all my misfortunes. "He explains at the helm of the criminal court of Saint-Martin this Thursday, June 15. MN is Haitian. "Since 2008, I only have receipts (for a residence permit application, note), while I am told each time that my file is complete. What I would like is a residence permit as before so that I can work normally and live with dignity. "He exposes.

The court found the accused guilty and sentenced him to one month suspended prison sentence, a citizenship course and a fine of 300 euros for non-compliance with the French flag. More details on

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