A new information panel on the preservation of seagrass beds installed in Tintamarre


The Nature Reserve of Saint-Martin would like to thank NWO and more particularly to R. JAMES, who within the framework of the SCENES project, donated an information panel to the 2 managers of Marine Protected Areas of the island. This tool will contribute to the preservation of  seagrass beds.

The work of R. JAMES carried out in part in Saint Martin demonstrates the stabilizing role of seagrass beds in the face of coastal erosion, in addition to many others (nursery, nursery, etc.).

These underwater meadows are weakened by the introduction of non-native species such as Halophila, the use of anchors and marine pollution.

The agents installed this information support on the Baie Blanche beach in Tintamarre, a privileged feeding site for green turtles.

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