A delicious poison?


The local urban plan (PLU) is a bit like the Akis. These exotic berries are edible and rich in nutrients, yes, but: provided you wait until they open on their own and before they are overripe. 

Akis, on the other hand, are deadly poisonous when you dare to eat them out of season, and Haitians, who use them
many in their kitchen, know it only too well. PLU is therefore to farmers what akis are to foodies. It would arrive either too late, or too early: too late to reorganize the zoning of spaces as if one had a tabula rasa; too early to decide when technical advice is insufficient. Jha Bash, who cultivates the 5 hectares of the Bellevue agricultural garden, is therefore discouraged and angry, especially since the drought prevents him from harvesting the cherries, tamarinds, guava and other tomatoes from his garden. In the meantime, he will plant arugula, which grows in three weeks (advice to amateurs) and since he is told about salads, he will sell his own. HM

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