Armed robbery committed in a jewelry store in Maho


Last Saturday, around 20:45 p.m., an armed robbery was committed in a jewelry store located in Maho by two individuals dressed in black and armed.

The two men entered the establishment and destroyed display cases to recover the jewelry. After grabbing their booty, the two suspects fled to Mullet Bay in a vehicle that has so far been unidentified.

The police tried to trace the criminals in the Mullet Bay area, without success.

The special flights unit calls for witnesses and invites any witnesses to contact them, 24 hours a day, at +24 1-721 542 22 ext. 22, 203 or 204, or on the anonymous telephone line # 205.

These potential witnesses can also leave a private message on the Facebook page: Police Force of Sint Maarten - Korps Politie Sint Maarten, as well as on the website _AF

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