Library assistant training for 7 Community officers


Seven agents from the community of Saint-Martin, library assistants in public schools, obtained their training certificate, on July 13, from the hands of the territorial councilor, Nadine Jermin-Paines. Representing the President Aline Hanson, the territorial councilor warmly congratulated them on behalf of the President and the members of the territorial council of Saint-Martin. The seven trainees followed their training as library assistants at GRETA Saint-Martin. They trained over a year, while continuing to exercise their position within the community, thanks to flexible schedules.

The final exams came from mainland France, and the exam was supervised by Mrs. Gladys Gonfier, president of the Association of French Libraries (ABF).

This increase in the skills of the library's auxiliary agents for the Collectivity was welcomed by the territorial councilor Nadine Jermin-Paines who, during her speech, indicated that “there was no age limit for training, the recipients representing a rewarding example for their colleagues ”.

Present alongside the elected official, the director of education Medhy Boucard and the representative of GRETA Roger Annerose, took the opportunity to thank all those who have invested in the success of this qualifying training.


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