Part of the Mont des Accords secondary school and the LPO closed to students for the last phase of work


The last phase of the repair of the Mont des Accords secondary school and the vocational high school has started. 

The work is the same in the two establishments: the complete renovation of the roofs (waterproofing, frames, sheets), the repair of the electricity and internet networks, the waterproofing of the facades, the renovation of the workshops (SEGPA and professionals), the CDI and inside the rooms (paintings & joinery, ventilators…) as well as the repair of part of the plumbing. Christian Climent-Pons, project director, in charge of the reconstruction of the education system of Saint-Martin. The objective is to be able to welcome pupils and national education staff in good conditions at the start of the school year. Carrying out these big jobs only during the school holidays was impossible. The COM and the rectorate therefore took the decision to release some of the students earlier. The Mont des Accords college has been closed since June 3 to the 6th, 5th, and 4th. As for the pupils of the third, they continue at the end of their program and prepare for the patent exam. At the vocational school, security barriers are being installed around areas that are no longer accessible. Some of the students, mainly the second class, are already on vacation or on an internship. The first year students have completed the CAP and BEP exams, the practical exams for the final bac pro are also completed and revision systems have been put in place to help them prepare for the written exams which will take place on the 17th, 18th and 19th. next June. The 3rd prep-pro also have lessons and support type "homework done" and will pass their certificate at the same time as the others on June 27 and 28. 


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