A constructive ministerial visit for Saint Martin and its people


COM President Daniel Gibbs would like to greet the Minister for Overseas France, Annick Girardin, who wanted to make a 6th official trip to Saint-Martin, in order to sign the 2019 Convergence and Transformation Contract (CCT) -2022 and to restore the Lacroix report on the PPRN.

Worth a total of 159 million euros, the State / COM development contract which was initially to be signed in 2019 was eagerly awaited by the territorial institution and its elected representatives and today represents a real advance for our territory.

As President Gibbs reminded the Minister, “the two priorities that led to the development of the CCT are the urgent need to finance post-Irma reconstruction and to give impetus to infrastructure modernization projects in priority neighborhoods and tourism sectors. The Convergence Contract has been fully integrated into the Multi-year Community Investment Plan (PPI 2019-2023). It is one of the main sources of funding.

Structuring projects will thus be carried out by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin for the benefit of the territory and its inhabitants. The convergence and transformation contract co-finances the following projects:

  Requalification of public spaces in Marigot and Grand-Case: 6,85 million euros (3,4 million euros in State co-financing)

  Redevelopment of the Marigot seafront: € 6 million (€ 2,5 million in State co-financing)

  Reconstruction of the Galisbay sports hall, including a hurricane shelter: € 6,2 million (€ 6 million in State co-financing)

  Reconstruction of Thelbert Carti stadium in Orleans district: € 3,48 million (€ 1,7 million in State co-financing)

  Waste management and environmental actions: € 3,1 million (€ 2 million in State co-financing)

  Renovation of the college in Quartier d'Orléans: 8,85 million euros (3,15 million euros in state co-financing)

  Road network rehabilitation works: € 8,6 million (€ 2,24 million in State co-financing)

  Rainwater management: € 3,05 million (€ 2,025 million in State co-financing)

  Video protection; 1,27 million euros (600 euros in State co-financing)

The State's participation stands at € 47,2 million and that of the Collectivity at € 31,45 million. Other State credits (FEI, Barnier Fund, National Sport Agency, ADEME, etc.), as well as European credits, complement the financing of the Saint-Martin Convergence Contract projects.

“Reconstruction and development, these are the two priorities that guided the development of this co-financing plan. The socio-economic development and the improvement of our infrastructures are not forgotten, in view of an imperative need to finalize our post IRMA reconstruction ", said President Gibbs, anxious to devote the next 20 months to economic recovery and social of the territory.

The president of the Collectivity also received from Minister Annick Girardin the report of the mission of the General Inspectorate of Administration and the General Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development drawn up by the Prefect Lacroix on the Plan Natural Risk Prevention (PPRN) in advance. A mission that the Minister had herself carried out at the time of the dispute in December 2019.

The recommendations appearing in the Lacroix report are unequivocal and come to corroborate the unanimous opinion of the Collectivity and the population as regards the faults updated in the PPRN in anticipation and the need to elaborate a document better adapted to the realities of Saint-Martin. , taking into account the history and cartography of the territory while protecting the populations.

The Minister encouraged the local representation of the State to work in close collaboration with the Collectivity, so that the new PPRN can respond to the 8 recommendations of the Lacroix report and come into being at the end of 2020, at the beginning of 2021. A considerable advance for Saint-Martin and its inhabitants.

In his address to the media, the President of the Collectivity did not mince words, wishing to recall the difficulties encountered locally in the face of the rigidity of the State and to move to a more constructive stage in the interest of Saint-Martin : “This subject has given rise to many questions, misunderstandings, and tensions. A lot of worry and suffering, too, because this very technical question is also very symbolic, concerns and impacts the Saint-Martin identity. Our identity ”, and to denounce“ the haste of the local State representation to produce an order establishing an early rigid and above ground PPRN, in contempt of the voice and alerts of the representatives of the people ... ".

The President of Saint-Martin wishes to warmly thank the Minister for the Overseas Territories for the time and attentiveness devoted to the Saint-Martinois and the quality of the solutions provided, "the Lacroix report representing a reasonable basis for solving the problems posed by the PPRN project, as it has been submitted to a public inquiry and as it is currently applied in advance ”.

The Collectivity of Saint-Martin fully shares the State's desire to ensure the protection of populations against cyclonic risks and to reduce the vulnerability of housing. It will be fully and loyally involved, in conjunction with the State services, in the work to correct the PPRN project.


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