USEP from the northern islands: Young elementary school children discover rugby in Grand-Case


An introduction to rugby was organized last Wednesday by the USEP of the Northern Islands and its manager, Andy Armongon, with the support of the St Martin Rugby Union.

It was on the grounds of Grand Case that a large gathering of young primary schoolchildren from Saint Martin took place to learn the practice of rugby.

Supervised by the coaches of the St Martin Rugby Union, the teachers of the schools, fresh out of rugby training, and with the help of the Archiball, the young schoolchildren were able to discover the joys of ovalie. And it's well known,  rugby is the school of life!  Through this sport, children learn the concepts of discipline, humility, selflessness, combat. In short, the fundamentals, the moral values ​​that will allow them to position themselves in society.

Note that the committee had mandated for this training and support this gathering, Alexis Grosset and Olivier Hilaric. _AF

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