Associative Life: Two beautiful works offered to the new Sandy Ground library!


Jocelyne Arnell author of the books “Ignacio and the mysterious egg” and “Ignacio and Chichibird” donated her works to the library of the association “Objectif Réussite” of Sandy Ground.

Georges Richardson, president of the perennial association "Sandy Ground On The Move Insertion" in collaboration with the association "Objectif Réussir", opened a very friendly library on Lady Fish street in Sandy Ground; The goal of the association "Objectif Réussir" is to encourage young people to aim for success through reading. Mr Richardson believes that reading is a powerful tool, therefore, a library has been created to receive the young people of the neighborhood, “there is no more effective way than reading to rise in life, we want that children understand the importance of reading and that they can encourage their own parents to read; we invite young people to come to this place to borrow books or to use the computers to do research for their homework. "

Developing a taste for reading is a goal shared by Saint-Martinoise author Jocelyne Arnell, teacher and pedagogical advisor, so she came to offer her second work "Ignacio and Chichibird" at the Sandy Ground library, she says to herself " delighted to donate her books to this beautiful, well-appointed and welcoming place that makes you want to read! "

"Ignacio and Chichibird" tells the story of the Ignacio iguana, hero of the author's first work, and of a sugar bowl; everything opposes the Ignacio iguana and the Chichibird sugar bowl but, despite their great differences, they will nevertheless end up becoming friends after facing a hurricane together.

This book makes it possible to address the theme of friendship that can exist despite the differences, the book raises awareness of the importance of the other to be able to go through difficult times and finally, it offers children a reflection on the protection of l 'environment. The book, which is nicely illustrated by the author's line, Milkaya Laijah, also allows us to address a traumatic memory: “after the cyclone I looked for materials that dealt with this subject to discuss it with the students, such as I didn't find anything, so I wanted to write a book that would interest the children here since they experienced this event ”explains Jocelyne Arnell.


The two books of the adventures of Ignacio are available for purchase online ou directly with the author.

  Sandy Ground library contact: 0690 13-37-68


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