ASSOCIATIVE LIFE: A second life for school furniture


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin, in conjunction with the Caisse Territoriale des Œuvres Scolaires (CTOS), recently renewed the furniture of the school canteens of several establishments in the area while demonstrating innovation in the responsible reuse of resources.

The brand new furniture was intended for the Jérôme Beaupère, Aline Hanson, Jean Anselme and Clair Saint-Maximim schools. To prevent the replaced equipment from ending up in landfill, a “Donation to Assos” operation was organized by the community life and citizenship department led by Martine Beldor, in an eco-responsible and supportive approach. As a result, 88 tables and 502 chairs were redistributed to around thirty associations in the area. This operation made it possible to give a second life to the furniture for the benefit of the associative sector for whom each resource is important.

For Louis Mussington, president of the Community, this action is “a gesture which reflects not only a commitment to sustainable development, but also concrete support for the island's associative actors”. Bravo to the CTOS and the agents of the community life and citizenship department for their responsiveness. _VX


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