LOCAL LIFE: Celebration of the creation of the Local Mission of Saint-Martin


The Local Missions of the Antilles and Guyana as well as representatives of the National Union of Local Missions, including the national president, Stéphane Valli, have been meeting since Wednesday July 7 in Saint-Martin to celebrate the creation of the Local Mission of Saint- Martin, chaired by Raphael Sanchez, elected by the territorial community of Saint-Martin and directed by Maggy Gumbs.

It was also a question of taking advantage of this opportunity to meet the public authorities and local partners of the Local Mission and to lay the foundations of a future network of Local Missions of the Antilles and Guyana.  After very productive working sessions, the delegation met Vincent Berton, Prefect delegate to the representative of the State in the communities of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin to discuss the situation of young people in Saint-Martin.

Last Friday, the delegation went to meet the integration company EME in its workshop and visit the construction sites in progress in the Concordia district. At the end of this visit, the representatives of the Local Missions then went to visit the Symphorien integration center and exchange views with its many integration association partners.

To conclude these studious days, the delegation will take part in the gala organized by the Local Mission of Saint-Martin, the latest of the 440 structures that make up the national network, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.


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