LOCAL LIFE: “Sorry, no swimming pool at Sandy Ground”


The Saint-Martin Nautical Club (CNSM) expressed its sadness and desolation in a press release by sharing its decision to abandon the swimming pool project at Sandy Ground, due to lack of reaction from the Community.

“It is known to everyone that learning to swim is a national obligation, which is part of the national swimming skills program. Therefore, any municipality or community must therefore make the investments necessary for the construction of swimming pools, the quantity of which depends on the population. Mr. President, a return to you via the press as it is complicated to contact you, you will kindly excuse us and above all believe that there is no personal attack or intention to harm anyone in these remarks , quite the contrary. Emails it seems that not all the information is reaching you directly and this is very damaging for the life of our community and for the success of associative projects essential to Saint-Martin life. After months of effort and hard work from a whole team of committed volunteers, after having raised significant subsidies from the National Sports Agency (ANS) in particular and for a substantial amount of €490.000 dedicated to its construction, ANS which was able to grasp the full importance and relevance of the project, after having raised awareness and convinced competent and recognized technical partners, after having organized or participated in too many meetings bringing together all the political-political actors. economic and social, the Sandy Ground public swimming pool project, designed and supported by the CNSM association, did not succeed in attracting your teams. We used all our strength. It will therefore not see the light of day without us having ever clearly understood why or received official unfavorable opinions from your own hand or that of the Prefect or your services.

The decision was therefore taken during our last general assembly to purely and simply abandon this project and to voluntarily dissolve the CNSM association, with some collateral financial damage, as you can imagine, to partners who had believed in the birth of this necessary building and long awaited by all these local youth. We have only one regret, that of leaving so many children on the bank who do not frequent our beautiful beaches and all their water activities because they do not know how to swim and not having known or succeeded in overcoming so many invisible, elusive and uncontrollable obstacles. We hope that all those who will hear us will not be too harsh on us for having failed to bring them this building, ideally located by the sea in Sandy Ground, bringing jobs, entertainment and this tremendous freedom what knowing how to swim and take advantage of the springs of an ocean that surrounds us brings. The regret is all the more important, because the CNSM team obtained the free loan of a 1200m plot of land2 at the water's edge, innovative construction plans for a demountable structure, all quotes from the best stakeholders on the island, authorizations to begin work and a subsidy dedicated to investment from ANS. But without an operating agreement from the COM, the project cannot be carried out. All members of the Saint Martin Nautical Club Association are in mourning. »


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