Local life: Territorial police chief Albert Conner retires after 36 years of loyal service


Under the leadership of the president, Daniel Gibbs and the territorial police, the community of Saint-Martin honored Mr. Albert Conner, chief of the territorial police, who after 36 years of good and loyal service within a territorial institution, his retirement on May 31.

Very appreciated for his human and professional qualities, Chef Conner was very surrounded, Monday, June 18, for this retirement retirement pot organized in the presence of the prefect Anne Laubies, the lieutenant-colonel of the gendarmerie Sébastien Manzoni, the vice-prosecutor Mickael Ohayon, elected officials and staff from the community and representatives of partner institutions.

Albert Conner was one of the first police officers from the Saint-Martin municipal police. He took office under the mandate of Mayor Elie Fleming in 1982, he left under that of President Gibbs, who retraced his career and recalled the highlights of his 36 years spent in the service of Saint-Martinois. Albert Conner was appointed head of the territorial police in 2012 after the retirement of Commander Flavien Basile, he worked with his teams alongside the gendarmerie for the security of the territory by focusing his interventions on prevention. Prefect Anne Laubies praised her professional commitment and her extreme availability. Albert Conner then received the accolade from his teammates, friends for some with whom he shared many years of service. He is replaced at the head of the police by chief Jacqueline Rodriguez who officially took up his duties on June 1, 2018 and who has under his authority 30 police officers, 1 surveillance officer of the public highway (ASVP) and 3 secretaries.

"You have exercised your mission as a police officer by bringing your professional knowledge and by promoting proximity with our fellow citizens. The community of Saint-Martin thanks you and wishes you to take full advantage of yours, and the free time available to you, as you put an end to your long career, "concluded the President of the community before welcome Ms. Rodriguez at the head of the territorial police.


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