LOCAL LIFE: Seniors from Quartier d’Orléans in the spotlight thanks to the “Soleil Karaib” association


After the Blue Week dedicated to the elderly and retired people of the region organized last month, it is the turn of the “Soleil Karaib” association to honor the seniors of Saint-Martin this Saturday, November 25!

Indeed, for several years, the “Soleil Karaib” Association has organized an evening to honor the elderly from each district of the island. This year, the spotlight is on the seniors of Quartier d’Orléans! Around twenty people will be welcomed and supervised by members of the “Soleil Karaib” association during a dinner concert organized this Saturday, November 25 at the Domaine des Lauriers (Villa Gumbs) at 19 p.m.

This beautiful evening dedicated to friendship, sharing, conviviality and above all music will be hosted by many renowned artists, specialists in SOUL/JAZZ/R&B: Fatts (Trombone), Stephan (Trumpet), Gordon (Saxophone), Tania Michel (Vocals), Lolo (Vocals), Christ called “ADR3o” (Drums), Basses (Bass), Didier Prossaird (Piano) and Michael Wilson (Guitar).

The “Soleil Karaib” association pulled out all the stops to make this evening unforgettable for the seniors of Quartier d’Orléans. All people who are into the SOUL/JAZZ/R&B style of music are also welcome!

For those who wish to attend this exceptional concert, remember to book as soon as possible by calling 0690 77 75 71 or 0690 25 29 20. Price in advance: €/$50, on site €/$60 Buffet + 1 free drink. _AF

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