LOCAL LIFE: Thirty participants at the Grand-Case Aquatonic


In the continuity of the various educational projects of the training of the Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport, Aquatic Activities and Swimming followed by nine future lifeguards, Esteban Despoullains delighted its public with its Aquatonic hike on March 25 in Grand-Case.

With particularly mild weather and calm seas, Esteban's Aquatonic hike brought together more than thirty participants on the beach of the Grand Case Beach Club. During the three sessions offered free of charge, the good-natured atmosphere and energy were there. With a judicious mixture of long coast and aquagym, Esteban was assisted by his fellow trainees while benefiting from the expertise of Sarah and Anne, members of the JLCA association (Je Longe la Côte aux Antilles) who have graciously lent the equipment necessary for the smooth running of a session of this discipline which is meeting more and more success on the territory of Saint-Martin. Some participants had already tried this discipline when others were discovering it with enthusiasm. The group thus moved in the water, along the coast of Grand-Case following the instructions of Sarah or Anne who took turns on the different sessions, to mark breaks where the aquagym exercises concocted by Esteban were given to him.

In addition to the multiple benefits of aquagym and longe côte such as strengthening the muscular system, stimulating cardiovascular rhythm and improving respiratory tone and blood circulation, Esteban Despoullains' aquatonic hike filled the hearts of participants with joy and in a good mood. In our next editions of this week, look back on the activities of Célya, Anthony and Charlotte, all trainees of the BPJEPS AAN training which would not exist without the association Tous à l'Ô, the Collectivity and the Resource Center of Expertise and Sports Performance Antilles Guyane (CREPS). _VX

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