Local life: A visit to the island full of emotions for the "elders"


The national week for pensioners and the elderly, called “Blue Week”, takes place every year from October 2 to 8, 2017. IRMA's visit has upset this program and the events have been canceled.

In order to remedy this shortcoming, the 3rd vice-president in charge of the Solidarity and Families Pole, Annick Pétrus, decided in collaboration with the Bethany Home retirement home to please the elderly who had expressed the wish to see for themselves the damage caused by Hurricane IRMA and to meet up to discuss it.

For example, a bus tour of the island was organized for isolated elderly people and residents of Bethany Home. The purpose of this trip was also to fight against the isolation of seniors by making them participate in this event, while encouraging them to go out again to spend a friendly moment and get involved in the daily life of reconstruction.

It is always important and instructive to listen to the advice of the "elders" ... _AF


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