TRAINING VILLAGE: Meet this Friday, July 28 from 14 p.m. to 19 p.m. in the Galisbay car park!


Organized within the framework of the "Caravane de l'emploi 2023" scheme, the Training Village is intended for those who are looking for qualifying or diploma training and who wish to embark on a professionalization course and access to employment.

Free shuttles are available:

– 2 rotations from Quartier d'Orléans to Galisbay at 13:00 p.m. and 16:45 p.m.;

– Stops: Belle Plaine (entrance to the city), Maison France Service, petrol station, Spring (former gendarmerie), Cul-de-Sac (Car Wash), Grand-Case (RN7 Car Wash), Rambaud (opposite E Center ), Cripple Gate (Aswan pizza), Friar's Bay entrance.

– 1 rotation from Sandy Ground to Galisbay at 15:00 p.m.;

– Stop: basketball court and bridge entrance.



Recreational tourism animator with basketry option + reinforced English + immersion in the Caribbean, TP technician for swimming pool equipment and maintenance, Tourist guide + boat license, Designer of tourist products, Drone pilot, Digital scenography and video mapping, Crafts and development in St-Martin, TP furnishing designer + business creation, Jewelery assembly + creation around heritage, Stitcher in leather goods + tanning of fish skins, Traditional shoemaking and renovation of leather articles, Transformation of sea, Fight against illiteracy contracted with a professional sector, Reappropriation of basic skills, Preparation for learning and preparation for training, Pre-qualification for health and social professions, Polyvalent marina agent, Composite materials worker, Nautical electronics electrician, Maritime flight attendant, French as a foreign language, Upgrading, Literacy, TOEIC, Validation of acquired experience (VAE) from CAP to BTS, Nautical painter, Transport of goods, FIMO + passenger transport, License truck, BTS wood and housing construction systems, BTS management and accounting, Certificate of ability to handle refrigerants.


For the people with a disability:

– Administrative and reception employee;

– Assistant accountant;

– Medical and social assistant secretary;

– Accounting secretary;

– Technical-commercial negotiator…

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