Domestic violence, detention of a Glock: continued detention of a young Saint-Martinois


"The file describes a certain number of events which lead me to question the criminal responsibility of my client," commented Maître Tissot, lawyer appointed ex officio to defend AM, 29-year-old Saint-Martinois accused of domestic violence against his partner, acquisition and possession of a category B weapon without authorization and possession of narcotic drugs, and presented Wednesday morning before the criminal court under the procedure of immediate appearance.

To be judged, you need "a minimum of discernment", but, according to the lawyer and the words she may have read, her client is missing. She asked the court to order a psychiatric examination of the accused and therefore to postpone his trial.

After deliberation, the court granted his request for psychiatric expertise, but ordered that he be kept in detention. AM therefore flew the same afternoon to be incarcerated in Guadeloupe. He will be judged the next friend in Basse-Terre. (more details on

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