Domestic violence: the MP meets Trait d'Union and educates the new Minister of Overseas


The member for Saint-Martin wanted to make the new overseas minister aware of the issue of domestic and intra-family violence, a worrying upsurge since the confinement in mid-March.

“These subjects are still taboo in Saint-Martin and the freedom of the victims to speak and their management is complex. Nevertheless, Saint-Martin is fortunate to be able to count on a solid network of involved professionals, who take these issues head-on and to whom I would like to give my full support, ”explains Claire Guion-Firmin.

The deputy for Saint-Martin met Olivier Fatou, director of the Trait d'Union France Victime 978 association. “The upsurge in violence of all kinds during the months of confinement unfortunately did not spare Saint-Martin. The association came to the aid of 25 victims of domestic violence during this period, with the difficulties that one can easily imagine, but a total of nearly 260 people were able to be helped by the association Trait d'Union in stronger of the crisis ”specifies the deputy.

"Despite the action of the Manteau accommodation center and hotel nights paid for by the association, our territory suffers from not having relay apartments for the urgent safety of these people who are victims of domestic violence. ; people, some without a residence permit who sometimes live in great social and rental precariousness. The fight against domestic violence and generally violence against women should be taken into account in the same way as any public health protection: it is in this sense that I wanted to make our new Minister of Overseas Territories aware ”.

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