Domestic violence: women's voices are freed


Since the beginning of the month, around ten of them have pushed open the door of Trait d'Union, the association for helping victims in Saint-Martin. A dozen women to have had the courage to denounce acts of domestic violence of which they were victims.

Taboo for many years, the subject is more and more raised, the voice of women is freed more and more.

Proof of this is that the women who have met members of the local association in recent days reacted after the first incident; In general, victims wait several months or even years before asking for help.

Combating this violence is one of the priorities of the victim assistance association created in December 2015. Its main action in this area is supporting women. "We offer multidisciplinary support, namely social, legal and psychological," says a lawyer.

Support for Trait d'Union can go further if the situation is serious. "We can go to the judge to make a protection order, that is, interim measures to protect the victim. This can be, for example, a measure ordering the man to leave the home, so that he is thus removed from the victim ”, specifies a lawyer.

Finally, Trait d'Union is working on the development of a mobile application from which victims can more easily contact it. They can also find various practical and legal information there. (source:

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