Violence against women: a worrying increase in Saint-Martin


While the international day against violence against women was held this Saturday, November 25, the figures communicated by the territorial advisor, Audrey Gil, are something to challenge!

Every year, the Community of Saint-Martin and its elected officials mobilize to raise awareness of this cause among the general public. Audrey Gil, territorial advisor involved in this fight, wanted to send a message to the public.

“This year, the theme “Men speak to men” reminds us how important it is to break the wall of silence, to talk about violence to reduce it and allow men who are not violent to be actors in prevention.

Preserving the integrity of women is a subject that is very close to my heart. The figures in France, particularly in our small territory, are very worrying. More than 500 incidents of violence were recorded in Saint-Martin in 2021. In 2022, these incidents will increase by 21% when it comes to violence against women. It's too much, too much!

We must act collectively to combat these deviant behaviors. Talk about it first to break down taboos and help our society become aware of this scourge. Break the silence, denounce the people who practice this sexist violence on a daily basis and attack women with complete impunity.

To the women concerned, I want to say that there is no inevitability, that they must no longer remain silent and that today there are systems and associations that support them on the path to reconstruction.

Dial 3919 to receive free listening and advice. And on the 17th to report an act of violence and file a complaint with the gendarmerie.

Love isn't supposed to hurt. Do not let violence take hold in your homes.”


Why November 25?

The International Day Against Violence Against Women was established on November 25 by the United Nations. The date of November 25 was chosen in memory of the three Mirabal sisters, Dominican activists brutally assassinated on November 25, 1960 on the orders of the head of state, Rafael Trujillo. _AF

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