VOLLEYBALL: The U 18 selection from Saint-Martin did not deserve it!


The French Saint-Martin delegation for under 18s is back in Saint-Martin after having experienced a very high level week, during the “Continental Cup”, organized in Puerto Rico.

On the occasion of their first participation in the "Continental Cup" which took place from August 31 to September 8, in Puerto Rico, the volleyball players of the U 18 selection of Saint-Martin were confronted with experienced opponents. , practicing an above average level of play!

Despite the adversity encountered throughout the competition, the protégés of Jean-Luc Lezin have produced encouraging benefits for the future.

The Saint-Martin selection, supervised by Jean-Luc Lezin and Pierre Jeff, has indeed produced a quality of play that augurs well for the future.

During the "Continental Cup", our young volleyball players from Saint-Martin were familiar with the high level, while accumulating experience for the next events. A significant plus ... _AF


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