ARTISTS’ CORNER: Opening of the exhibition by the artist Manais!


The Community of Saint-Martin and its Department of Cultural Action had the opportunity to highlight the creations of the visual artist Manais, on the theme of women, on Wednesday March 27, in the hall of the Community.

In the presence of the 3rd vice-president of the Community, Dominique Louisy and the president of the Culture Commission, Valérie Damaseau, the artist spoke about his artistic career and his passion for drawing and painting.

Attracted to art very early on, she obtained her diploma in plastic art in the south of France. His choice fell on the paper medium in order to create drawings with pen, felt-tip pen, pencil, pastel as well as paint.

The Guadeloupean visual artist is inspired by the beauty of the indigenous peoples of Africa but also by the heritage bequeathed to Caribbean women. She creates colorful works with unique designs essentially representing women.

During this exhibition, the artist had the opportunity to present his works to the President of the COM, Louis Mussington, who was moved by his talent.

For those who wish to discover the world of the Manais artist, know that around forty of his drawings and paintings are on display until next Friday, April 19 in the Community hall.


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