NATURE: An evening of discovery of sea turtles with the Nature Reserve organized on March 27


The Managing Association of the Saint-Martin National Nature Reserve, as part of the program to study sea turtle populations, informs and mobilizes citizens for the conservation of marine biodiversity and sea turtles in particular.

It will welcome the public to its premises at Hope Estate, this Wednesday, March 27 at 17:30 p.m. with a presentation of the sea turtles of Saint-Martin, the threats and protection actions, including scientific monitoring including the contribution of ecovolunteers.

Endangered sea turtles

In decline in the region for several decades, sea turtle populations are in danger. However, they are emblematic species of the natural heritage of our island. Saint-Martin is home to several types of populations: resident sea turtles feeding, on our coral reefs and our underwater seagrass beds, and passing sea turtles, breeding, whose females come up to our beaches to lay eggs at the end of their term. migration. This is why the National Action Plan in favor of marine turtles in the French West Indies, of which AGRNSM is the territorial coordinator, pilots police, knowledge, conservation, awareness and stranding management missions.

An action program in favor of sea turtles

The Saint-Martin Nature Reserve Management Association (AGRNSM) is the reference actor of the Marine Turtle Network of the French West Indies, for actions implemented in the territory of Saint-Martin. Among these actions, the study of breeding populations of sea turtles is carried out through “Trace Counting” on all local nesting sites, including all of the island's beaches. The AGRNSM therefore offers all citizens wishing to contribute, new and old ecovolunteers, to come and discover and discuss about these species, but also how to mobilize on the ground for their conservation.

Discover and support AGRNSM's actions for monitoring marine turtle nesting

From 17:30 p.m. to 19:30 p.m. on Wednesday March 27, simply come and find out and if you wish, register for the schedule for monitoring the nesting of marine turtles in Saint-Martin: identification of species, life cycle, threats, actions, training in “ trace counting”, registration in the schedule, … and we will finish with a little refreshment. Free admission. Limited places.

This meeting will also be an opportunity to highlight the ReCorEA St-Martin project, aimed at preserving the essential habitats of marine turtles, through the development of the park of moorings available within the nature reserve. Actions carried out in favor of marine turtles in Saint-Martin are supported by dedicated funding, allocated by the Department of the Environment, Planning and Housing.


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