POLITICS: Frantz Gumbs takes stock of his position as a deputy (2/2)


As stipulated in our previous edition, last Friday January 12, Frantz Gumbs invited the population of Saint-Martin to attend his assessment after a year and a half as deputy for Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin. Here is the rest of his intervention.

Particularly aware of the specificities and needs of his constituency, Frantz Gumbs continued to present his results in the areas of energy and food autonomy, justice and even the interests of overseas in the state budget. : “There is money overseas but European money is not spent. Reason, overseas countries do not have the expertise to set up projects and move them forward, the State must support overseas countries with engineering,” explained Frantz Gumbs. After a year and a half, our deputy intends to continue his work in the National Assembly to bring the territories of SBH and SXM into existence. Frantz Gumbs concluded his speech with his wishes for the year 2024: “I hope that the living forces of the territory, whether political, associative or economic, will demonstrate energy, determination and wisdom to contribute to live better, and that constructive partnerships with State services and our neighbors are strengthened while respecting the prerogatives of each. It is achievable and if it is done, we will have taken another step towards achieving a territory of excellence that I dream of.” The questions and answers with the public made it possible to take the MP's pulse on the composition of Gabriel Attal's new government: “I believe in the demands of others. The Prime Minister chosen by the President (Emmanuel Macron editor's note) seems to me to be, despite his youth, of great clarity, he succeeded in a short time in reestablishing an atmosphere of trust between national education personnel and the government in 6 months. He is a very intelligent person who learns quickly, we trust him. My personal opinion is that there are very strong oppositions on the right and the left, it’s not better but not worse either.” Concerning the delegate minister responsible for overseas territories, MP Frantz Gumbs does not know if there will be one: “The desire of this new government is to be a more compact government, therefore with fewer delegate ministers”. If Philippe Vigier, Carenco's successor, no longer occupies the position of Minister Delegate for Overseas Territories, let us hope that Gérald Darmanin, who combines the functions of Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories, manages to devote time equitably to the problems of overseas territories. The future birth of full-fledged prefectures of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin will nevertheless make it easier to make decisions for the two territories. The public meeting of MP Frantz Gumbs ended with a friendly drink. _VX


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