An “almost normal” return to school


Several hundred students joined the school benches yesterday. A new school year placed under the sign of respect for barrier gestures, "one of the guarantees of the success of this school year", explained Vice-Rector Michel Sanz, visiting schools.

Health protocols deciphered, instructions applied, everything was ready for the return to the school benches yesterday. A return described as "almost normal" by the vice-rector, Michel Sanz. At the entrance to the Cité scolaire, the masks were in place and social distancing respected. But it was without counting a beautiful downpour which forced the high school students to regroup under the covered playground in a few seconds to escape the rain, somewhat disrupting the health protocol for the start of the school year.

If the practice is not always obvious, parents and children seem to understand the importance of respecting barrier gestures. The mask is worn by everyone, even in some elementary classes, such as at Hervé Williams school in Concordia, where the president of the Collectivity visited yesterday morning. On the occasion of this eagerly awaited and dreaded return to school, Daniel Gibbs went to meet the students and the teaching staff. He notably met the new director of the establishment, Yannick Delannay. In the morning, he also visited Cite Scolaire and Evelyna Halley Kindergarten.


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